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Pisa in Deutschland

Wir bekommen heute zu lesen, dass deutsche Schüler endlich im Pisa-Vergleich wieder aufholen. Das Land atmet auf, das Fortbestehen ist gesichert. Die Verlierer der letzten Studie sind vergessen und es zählen nur noch die Helden und Heldinnen von heute. Wichtig dabei, dass die guten Kerndisziplinen hauptsächlich naturwissenschaftliche sind.

Banks and Coins

We collect loose change. Although we try to spend it, coins sometimes end up sitting in our wallets. We have some nice saving boxes that like receiving coins. Twice a year we open our saving boxes and count the money. In Germany banks will give you funny coloured sheets of paper to roll up a defined number Read More →

Three TED talks

You know TED talks, don’t you? There are TED conferences all over the world where clever people talk about clever things and ideas to other clever people. Sounds like a clever thing, doesn’t it. Well, since you and me are probably not clever enough to join a live conference TED is friendly enough to publish Read More →


The other day my friend Luis Suarez wrote an amazing article about sharing on his blog. You should definitely read it – and watch the great video, too. It  will teach you something! Luis’s thoughts triggered something in me. They made me think about myself and my habit of sharing. Whilst Luis reflects mainly on Read More →